Welcome to Add A Lyric!

At Add A Lyric, we compose music tracks that are specifically designed for singer/songwriters to write lyrics & melodies over top of. The song you create using our music bed then becomes a NEW SONG which you may market as you would like, and to whom you would like, for whatever opportunity might be available, including On-line Sales, CD Sales, TV & Movie placement!

You will notice that every track comes in a variety of 6-12 different musical styles. Within these musical styles the chord progression and song structure remain the same but the instrumentation and flavor of the tracks change to reflect that specific genre of music. This allows you, the lyric writer, to write a lyric & melody to the Country version (for example), but then port it over to the Rock version in a matter of minutes. In addition to musical genre variations, we took it a step further and recorded pitch & tempo variations to help you find the perfect track for your lyrics.

See a post on Taxi.com or MusicXRay.com that needs a Song track in just a few hours? NO PROBLEM! Use the genre reference as your search criteria & you’ll be composing to a new backing track before the other writers get their guitar tuned up…. PRETTY COOL, RIGHT?

When you purchase a track, you will be provided both the MP3 version and the WAV version so you will get a smooth import to your recording system. Also, to ensure that you won't have legal issues later on, you get a license showing that you have purchased the track & are free to use it in the creation of your new vocal song. You can even use the same backing tracks for multiple lyrical songs. TALK ABOUT A GREAT VALUE!

The BENEFITS of adding Add A Lyric to your music writing arsenal are LOW cost, FAST speed, ultimate Flexibility and the very best quality you will come to count on!

Suggested Tracks

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