Licensing in Simple Terms

In theory, the idea is simple but once you start getting in to details it can get complicated, especially when the legal teams start looking at agreements. Here is the simplest explanation I could come up with:

Really I’m just trying to make music available for you to create & record lyrics over top of. When you find a track you like, purchase & download it. Please don’t share it with others unless you are co-collaborating. Also, don’t resell, redistribute, lend, etc. the backing track “as-is”, you need to add lyrics & melody for a track to legally be a new song. Feel free to add additional instruments to your new song along with the singing. Your purchase from Add A Lyric grants you the rights to use the backing track to create a new song (which is technically known as a Derivative work) by adding lyrics & the melody. You can then publish, license, record, resell the new song (with your new name) and market it as you see fit, and any royalties/payments are yours to keep. Technically we would be co-writers of the new song but it is much cleaner & provides you a little more peace of mind if I just grant you the non exclusive rights to use the track on any of your productions without further fees, reporting or legal red tape. If you would like, you can credit us, but it is never mandatory.

In regards of track costs, I am intentionally keeping the costs of the tracks down because after everything is said & done, I love to create music.  I’m just trying to charge enough to keep the lights on so I can keep producing tracks for you. Just like you, I enjoy participating in the creation of a successful new work of art.

Click here Song File Agreement for the song file legal user agreement as well as here Website T&C for the website terms & conditions. The FAQ will also answer some of your questions about usage without all of the legal-speak.

Like I said, I love music and this is a unique way for us to collaborate. Your success is my success.

Happy writing!

Monty Smith
Founder & Head Writer
Add A Lyric, LLC

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