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When you have thousands of tracks to choose from, navigating a website can be a challenge and depending on your need at that specific time, there are different ways you can approach it. Regardless of whether you need it by genre, instrument, mix complexity or simply looking for inspiration to write that next BIG HIT, we have you covered.

Here are a few common scenarios and the best way to narrow down the tracks you need –

Searching by Musical Style (Genre)
Let’s say you see an announcement on a music placement service (like that references Country style music. If you go to Genre on the menu items you can choose to view only the Country tracks. Also if you are in the track details page, you can use the quick links directly under the title of the track to show you additional tracks under that Genre.

Searching by Instrument
Just like Genre, we have a number of ways to show tracks that include specific Instruments. You can use the Instrument menu items to filter only those tracks with the instrument you need. Also if you are in the track details page, you can use the TAG links at the bottom of the page to show you additional tracks containing that instrument.

Searching by Mix Complexity
Mix complexity is included in the Instrument tags. Mix complexity will allow you to choose whether you want a sparse or full mix, or perhaps a mix without any drums. Or to get even more specific, maybe the music placement agency said they need something “stripped down”, perhaps just guitar and voice, so you can click on the Solo mix type to get down to the good stuff.

Finding other genres of the same chord changes
As previously pointed out on other pages, one of the advantages of using Add A Lyric for your backing tracks is we offer many different musical versions of the same song. If it turns out that you’ve written lyrics & melody for the Country version but want to port it over to the Rock version, simply input the track name (Maxwell Street for example) in the search bar and you’ll receive only those tracks that are part of that chord progression family. This style search goes across lots of different data sets so you can try other keywords such as Christmas, Ukulele, Ballad, etc.

Finding other keys & tempos of the Song/Genre
In addition to multiple genres of the same song, we also take it a step further and record multiple tempos & keys of the genre/song. If you find that a certain key or tempo works well for you voice and/or lyric set, you can use that as a criteria in the search function. The keys are called out as part of the song name and will show something like “C” or “F#” directly behind the genre in the song name. The tempos are listed in “beats per minute” (BPM) directly after the key of the song, for example “Maxwell Street Boogie G 155” would indicate the song is in the key of G and at 155 BPM. So, if your vocal range seems to fit well with songs in the key of C, simply input that as your search criteria (hint: put a space before and after the song Key Letter you are searching for). Same with tempos, type in 130 and you will get all of the songs/genres that are at 130 beats per minute.

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