Why Street Names?

Early in the writing process for these initial tracks, it was discovered that coming up with meaningful names for a bazillion chord progression tracks that had no lyrics was nearly impossible. At first we used code names, like 10-15-13CountryC135 just to keep from over-writing files, but that turned out to be a headache. We also didn’t want to use names like “Lonely Sky” or “Autumn in Italy” that could potentially influence the topic you choose to write about. On top of that, very few names worked across the different genres, for example the name “Jamaica Lady” works well for the reggae version of a chord progression, but makes no sense for the Bluegrass or Ragtime version. And if every backing track had it’s own name there would be no way to quickly associate chord progressions back to each other! It was quite the dilemma.

After taking a step back, we realized that using the names of streets was a great metaphor for what the musical tracks provide.  Streets are the foundation of a neighborhood, the place where stories are made. On our streets, people fall in and out of love, dream of better times, cry about loss, celebrate life, talk about hitting the open road, have spiritual awakenings, choose to revolt, or party, or fall in love again. It’s up to you. Your lyrics & melody tell the story of what happens on our streets.

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